The Statecraft Effect: Assessment, Attitudes, and Academic Honesty

Presented by:
Dr. John Linatud, Associate Professor and Degree Coordinator of Political Science
Dr. Joanna Kaftan, Associate Professor and Degree Coordinator of Sociology, Social Science, and Anthropology

The presentation will include primary findings from John Linantud & Joanna Kaftan (2018): The Statecraft Effect: Assessment, Attitudes, and Academic Honesty, Journal of Political Science Education, DOI: 10.1080/15512169.2018.1476253.

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Pathways to Inclusion: Let’s Launch Accessibility into the Classroom!

Presented By
Tim Henningsen, Blackboard Solutions Engineer
Rita Vela, Blackboard Client Success Manager

As Blackboard works to reimagine education on a global scale, we have the responsibility to positively impact the learning lives of people with accessibility needs.  Learning Management Systems (LMS) are built to enable accessible navigation through the technology platform; however, course content uploaded to the LMS may pose significant accessibility challenges for users as well as compliance risk to the institution. Let’s open up the “black box” of accessible course content, and discuss proactive approaches to help learners, faculty and institutions succeed including a preview of Ally!  Ally provides the ability to take clear control of course content and focuses on making digital course content more accessible by automatically checking for accessibility issues and generating alternative accessible formats, providing institution-wide reporting on course content accessibility and guiding instructors on how to improve the accessibility of their course content.  All of this is completed with usability, accessibility and quality in mind!

Setting Up for Success: Qualtrics Surveying Design and Functionality

Presented By:
Dr. Bryce Hantla, Associate Dean For Academic Affairs at College of Biblical Studies – Houston

This workshop provides faculty and staff with scalable strategies for using Qualtrics to gather meaningful data from students and other stakeholders to drive improvements.

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Green Screening to Enhance Video Lectures

Presented By:
David Maldonado, Visiting Assistant Professor
Chris Latson, UHD Video Engineer

This session will discuss processes and requirements for enhancing and improving video lectures using the “green screen” technology. Presenting a video lecture in different, relevant locations or within/in front of relevant locations provides context to the learner. This session will discuss the steps to take for faculty to create this new type of video and will provide examples of this enhanced lecture.

Access and Success: Accessibility Status of Learning Universities’ Virtual Face in U.S.A.

Presented by:
Dr. Sammy Hwang, Instructional Designer, University of Houston
Dr. Holim Song, Associate professor of Instructional Design and Technology in the College of Education, Texas Southern University

This research investigated the accessibility status of higher education in Texas. Access and accessibility issues ranked as the second important issues in teaching and learning in 2018 according to Edutopia. They are important issues yet few people recognized the importance of the issue as the scope of accessibility are huge.

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HCC’s Virtual Reality Lab and Studio: An Immersive Learning Space

Presented By
Ruben Duran, HCC Sr. Media Developer
Dr. Pauline Ward, Professor of Biology & Physical Sciences
Lynden Marshall, VRLS Lab Aide
Victor Lara and Justice Butler HCC Students

Colleges have evolved over time due to the breakthrough in technology. With the invention and progression of virtual reality (VR), students at Houston Community College can now experience, practice, and learn subjects by being immersed into the VR environment.

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