Hosts / Organizers


The Technology Learning Conference is brought to you by your Academic Technology Committee which comprises a team of faculty and staff from various areas of the university are responsible for putting the conference together each year.

Olin Bjork (Chair) ; Gail Evans; Louis Evans ; Said Fattouh; Robin Jose; Lori Lovins; Jane Thielemann Downs; Hossein Shahrokhi; Edward Sheinberg ; Jerome Socolof ; Merriann Bidgood; Edwin Tecarro; Zhenyu Zhang

TTLC Members: John Lane; Devin Dabney; Will Robinson; LoShon Harvey; Manuel Fernandez; Anna Nguyen; John Williams; Lloyd Matzner; Albert Holden; Nikhil Bhatt; Chris Latson; Paul Gor; David McCoy; Richard Vara

Student Workers: Emmanuel Ogunkoya; Oscar Lara; Pedro Morales