Setting Up for Success: Qualtrics Surveying Design and Functionality

Presented By:
Dr. Bryce Hantla, Associate Dean For Academic Affairs at College of Biblical Studies – Houston

This workshop provides faculty and staff with scalable strategies for using Qualtrics to gather meaningful data from students and other stakeholders to drive improvements.

Obj 1: Participants will be able to apply a backward design methodology to the survey design process.

Obj 2: Participants will be able to run descriptive analyses within in the Qualtrics system.

Obj 3: Participants will be able to set up clear and concise reports in Qualtrics for internal and external stakeholders.

Most universities have surveying tools, but co-curricular leaders and faculty rarely take full advantage of these flexible softwares for their own purposes. This workshop is focused on bringing attention to those areas of Qualtrics (UHD’s survey tool) that might bring more efficiencies into their work. Thus, this workshop is focused on implementing a backward-design methodology to survey construction that will help users see the full picture and to create more efficient report-out surveys.

I will use Qualtrics to gather information from workshop participants (similar to iClicker surveys) to post real-time results from questions asked. This engagement strategy will be used throughout the session to monitor questions and to provide immediate feedback to participants, similar to a slack channel. Sample questions might be “What are some of your greatest challenges for survey design and implementation?” Or “What challenges do you encounter when reporting out results to internal or external constituents?” This allows for an anonymous opportunity for workshop participants to submit questions or concerns.

Workshop participants will walk away with clear strategies for setting up a survey from start to finish to most efficiently capture the necessary data for their purposes. Steps include item construction, distribution strategies, and reporting functionality.