Access and Success: Accessibility Status of Learning Universities’ Virtual Face in U.S.A.

Presented by:
Dr. Sammy Hwang, Instructional Designer, University of Houston
Dr. Holim Song, Associate professor of Instructional Design and Technology in the College of Education, Texas Southern University

This research investigated the accessibility status of higher education in Texas. Access and accessibility issues ranked as the second important issues in teaching and learning in 2018 according to Edutopia. They are important issues yet few people recognized the importance of the issue as the scope of accessibility are huge.

Our research team decided to tackle public websites issues first. A study from indicates that only 3% of public websites comply with the current web accessibility content guidelines.To increase the awareness of accessibility, our team have created a dataset to include the entire list of higher education agencies and checked their homepage websites with a web accessibility checker tool. We will share the result with the audience and have time to discuss and get a feedback related to the issue.