Use of Smart Phones to Perform Experiments

Presented By
Dr. Jorge Tito-Izquierdo, Associate Professor Department of Computer Science & Engineering Technology

This presentaion will demonstrate various experiments via the use of applications on any given Smart Phone. These experiments are help in that they help students understand the theory given during the theoretical class session.

The experiments given are related to lighting, noise, sunpath, vibration, and acceleration.

Lighting: Use of a light meter to measure illuminance in Lux.

Noise: Measure the noise inside or outside building in order to compare with acceptable limits.

Sunpath: Use of applications to determine the sunpath for a given location, it is useful to plan the distribution of windows in a house or office.

Vibration: Use of accelerometers provided in the Smart Phones to measure the vibration and natural frequency of structural systems.

Acceleration: Use of accelerometers to measure the acceleration of the elevator or other utilities.